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Spirits of the Earth Festival operates entirely on volunteer effort and could not function without help from these generous folks. This event is organized by and for members within the community. Without our volunteers an event of this magnitude would not be possible. We strive to bring the community together, to help us as a whole, to learn and grow not only as people but also as spirits. We depend on the input, assistance, support and hard work of others within the community to bring to you Spirits of the Earth Festival on an annual basis. In an attempt to help the community ascend to a higher understanding we offer a wide range of workshops, rituals, specialized vendors, nightly entertainment and a safe, positive atmosphere for folks to create new bonds and rekindle the old.

We would like to know of, and would appreciate any folks who may be interested in joining our full-time Volunteer staff. While no staff positions are paid, we do like to give something more than our gratitude in the form of discounted admission to our hardest workers. Please find the areas for which volunteers are required, and the dates for our staff meetings below. We would like to thank you all in advance for your interest and continued support. We look forward to working with you, as well as celebrating life and growth within the community.

Please Note: In order to receive workshare discounts, arrangements MUST be made PRIOR to the Festival.

How it Works:


Spirits of the Earth Festival asks all registrants to sign up for at least 4 hours of volunteer time, throughout the week, or 2 hours for the weekend attendees. We place all of our part-time volunteers in to a pool, where they sign up for a specific time slot. They then report to the registration table to find out where assistance is needed.


We then have our Crew Leaders. This is our full-time staff which is made up of dedicated members of the Spirits Fest community. They are required to deal with routine matters within their department (see below). They will report to the volunteer coordinator of the ongoing status of their department, and inform them if extra assistance is required. Our full-time staff, are on-call for the entire duration of the festival and are therefore rewarded with free/discounted registration.


Our Volunteer coordinator, is responsible for ensuring that our Crew Leaders have the manpower required, and to ensure that all requirements are met, in an acceptable and timely fashion.


Anything unusual or which falls through the cracks are referred to the Festival Organizers, Tameika & Fox, who are accountable for the smooth running of the festival.



Staff Meetings:

Children’s Programming
Hostess/Volunteer Coordinator
Marketing Coordinator
Merchant Coordinator
Website and Graphic Design
Workshop Coordinator

Sunday Feb 1/15, 1pm (Fox/Tameika's)
Sunday Apr 5/15, 1pm (Fox/Tameika's)
Sunday Jun 7/15, 1pm (Fox/Tameika's)

Monday July 20/15, 12pm
(ONSITE: Day before fest for final details/setup, wkd before would be much appreciated if available)


1. At or before the fest, check the workshop schedule so you know which hours you're available to volunteer;

2. Complete the volunteer section on your guest registration, or physically located at the Registration area, and indicate which shifts you would like to work and which departments;

3. Report to the Registration Table, for time that you have signed up and fill out avolunteer log sheet.

4. Upon completion of your shift please record the hours you actually worked, so that we can apply the necessary discount.

5. Then locate your Crew Leader to double check your assigned hours and have them initial your log sheet, to ensure it is filled in correctly.

6. Then return your log sheet to Registration, so that it is easily available if working another shift.

7. Volunteer Coordinator will double check that all log sheets are properly completed.


For those folks who are interested please fill out the applicable section on the Guest Registration Application. For more details contact us
via EMAIL or by phone at (226) 271-3900 with your qualifications, skills and area(s) of interest.



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