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We are now in the planning stages, please stay tuned for further updates
for Spirits of the Earth Festival 2013

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Alexandra Baron

Alex is a long time member of the pagan community. She identifies as a Gaelic Traditionalist. A tarot reader, a healer, Hunter/gatherer and a student of the natural and metaphysical sciences. Well versed in the many aspects of the craft. You are sure to walk away from her workshops with a wealth of new knowledge. This year at Spirits of the Earth, Alex will be offering a FOUR part intensive series covering all aspects of Energy Work.

Energy Work: Intensive Series
Alexandra will be presenting a series of workshops on energy work. The workshops can be attended individually but as a group will work out to be an intensive course. This four part intensive series will cover many aspects of energy work. Note: If you are recovering from illness, depression, other mental health issues or have low/depleted energy, you are encouraged to attend only as an observer and not participate in the active part of the workshops.

Part I: This workshop will focus on an Introduction to energy. We will discuss what energy is, why and how to use it, followed by practicing some earlier techniques. Not only will we cover the basics, but you will learn how to sense and generate energy, as well as the importance of grounding.

Part II: This workshop shift our focus onto a variety of exercises that will have you working hands on with the flow of energy and teach you how to project and exchange this energy with one another and nature. You will also learn how to increase your own personal energy, and how to increase energy for another.

Part III: This workshop will show you how to shape the energy you have now learned to raise, and how you can direct that energy, not only to a person, but to lend power to your workings. We will also gain knowledge on how we can implement this energy for use in cleansings and protections.

Part IV: This workshop will teach you how to communicate effectively using energy, and how to see the energies that surround every living object. You will also obtain the skills to attune with this energy personally, as well as tuning the energies to your specific cause.

Chris Labombard

Chris has been working with energy and learning the fine details of the energy body and psionics for about 15 years. He has spent much of his career developing techniques for astral projection and have translated those skills and knowledge into astral projection courses that he has taught to a large number of people both privately and to large groups.

Experience Astral Projection:
Delve into the fascinating world of astral projection as you explore the inner workings of your energy body, how the astral planes function and what you'll find there. Learn about the many different types of projection and finally, take the last step as you learn simple techniques for astral projection and put them to use while being lead on an out of body experience into the astral planes.

Advanced Astral Projection:
Expand your knowledge of the astral. Learn the fine details of how energy works, how to control it and the vibrational levels of the astral planes. We'll focus on understanding the advanced concepts of projection and then utilize those as I explain and lead you through an advanced astral projection technique.

Energy Healing:
Learn about the different methods of energy healing including the theory behind healing, skills you can practice and use to heal others and the proper safety precautions that need to be taken to ensure no one gets hurt. Finally, put your new skills into practice as you work on healing a friend. In addition, if you are in need of healing there will be talented healers present to give you the healing you need.

Kimi Bois

Kimi has been studying the uses of essential oils for over 9 years. She enjoys sharing the wonderful benefits of essential oils with everyone in workshops as well as with products through Gypsy Scents.

Elemental Aromatherapy
Flowing with Water: Cleaning Aromatherapy

Flowing with water we can cleanse ourselves using aromatherapy. We honour the element of water through self healing and psychic connection. We can do this using aromatherapy practises. An opportunity to connect with the element of water will be available. Please let me know if you have any allergies.

Elemental Aromatherapy
Grounding with Earth; Strengthening Aromatherapy

Grounding with earth we can strengthen our core, our foundation. Aromatherapy has uses in aiding our endurance and building stability. An opportunity to connect with the element of earth will be available. Please let me know if you have any allergies.

Elemental Aromatherapy
Soaring with Air: The Message of Aromatherapy

Soaring with air we can dream up any reality. The element of air has a message for us, and aromatherapy can open our sense in ways that can hone our communication, and maybe even help decipher a message. We honour the element of air with play, inspiration, communication, and insight. An opportunity to connect with the element of air will be available. Please let me know if you have any allergies.

Elemental Aromatherapy
Burning with Fire: Transformative Aromatherapy

We burn with fire as we transform, in any area of our lives, when we bring passion to our joys and our attempts to overcome adversity. We honour the element of fire as we devote our lives and reach for our goals. An opportunity to connect with the element of fire will be available. Please let me know if you have any allergies.

Jeff & Leslie

Rev. Leslie Cabot Armstrong HPs and Rev. Jeff Cabot Sutton HP have been studying with Rev. Laurie Cabot HPs for over four years and have been initiated into The Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple of Salem, Mass U.S. They are counsellors/­spiritual advisors and are the first certified teachers Of the Science of Witchcraft 1-First Degree of the Cabot Tradition. In Canada, Leslie and Jeff have followed the old ways for many years, before finding, their path in the Cabot Tradition.

Spell Writing
Rev. Lady Leslie Cabot Armstrong HPs and Rev. Jeff Cabot Sutton HP Present an interactive Spell Writing workshop. Learn how to use the correct wording. When to use the moon and planets. This workshop is open to all that want to learn. Please bring pen and notepad. There will be a special Spell Oil available to purchase that can be used in all spells. 2 dram bottle $13.00 each. Created and majickaly charged by Rev. Lady Leslie Cabot Armstrong HPs.

Self Love & Self Healing Ritual
Rev. Lady Leslie Cabot Armstrong HPs and Rev. Jeff Cabot Sutton HP will be doing a Self Love and Self Healing Ritual in the Cabot Tradition. Everyone welcome to join in the outer circle. Come and feel the loving embrace of the Goddess and the healing energy of the God.

Karl Sloman

Karl is one of the top drummers in Canada and a well-known philanthropist and author from London. Karl began studying drums in 1975 at the age of 12 when he took up a position as snare drummer in the Strathroy Pipe and drums, but it was not until 2003 that he became serious about the instrument as a vocation. Karl began studying in earnest working with such drum greats as Jim Chapin, Joe Morello (Dave Brubeck) and Dom Famularo. Karl found a passion for all drums and added hand drumming to his repertoire in 2004. Although Karl’s true passion is on drum set he is a lover of all percussion. His core philosophy is that in order to learn a student needs to be in a secure and friendly atmosphere. Encouragement is vital in his programs where study is conducted in discreet units to ensure students are not overwhelmed. Alfred Music Publishing, the world’s largest educational music publisher, published Karl’s book “The Coordination Code” in 2012. The book takes a unique approach to coordination studies on the drum set and claims using the techniques outlined in the book Karl can teach any musician to play any drum pattern within 2 hours.

Introduction to Hand Drumming:
Today you will be introduced to many of Karl’s unique ideas and concepts as they relate to hand drumming. He is extremely approachable, gregarious and will answer all questions (no question is stupid, and remember if you have the question there is a great chance that someone else in the audience has the same question!), your responsibility is to get involved and have fun.


Kristin began upon the pagan path about 20 years ago, and since then she has studied, learned, and practiced with many different teachers and light workers from all different pagan paths and faiths over those years. Feeling the call to do more for her fellow pagans, and the community as a whole, as well as help herself to grow and succeed she has decided to begin offering her gifts and skills as an intuitive healer to the public. She is now offering healing sessions, house/space cleansings, recorded guided meditations, & much more through her website In addition to this, Kristin is the lead singer of the London Ontario based metal band Autocratic Oath, which will be performing at Spirits Fest this year on Saturday night. They are releasing their first LP in the fall of 2013. To hear their sound and learn more about the band, please visit

A Visit to the Temple of the Goddess Meditaiton: (Ladies ONLY)
This meditation consists of three parts which introduces you to the powerful mantra you can use any time you meditate or do healing work. The second part invokes a spiritual vortex to remove any lower negative energies from your energy field which will help you to feel lighter and experience the third part of the healing guided meditation in a Journey to the Temple of Goddess. This meditation is available on Dvd so you can revisit the Temple of the Goddess in the comfort of your home or backyard.

A Visit to the Healing Crystal Cave Meditation:
This meditation will walk you through a cave deep within, filled with various healing, and transforming crystals and stones. Each stop within the cave will heal a different part of your body and soul, leaving you feeling more connected to mother earth and refreshed. This meditation is available on Dvd so you can revisit the crystal cave in the comfort of your home or backyard.

Mike West

Open Mic with Mike!
Join Mike and friends on the Main Stage at the Muses theatre to play, perform or just have some fun feeling like a rockstar plugged in to the sound system! Bring your instruments and singing voice to the Main stage for an impromptu good time!

Shauna Aura Knight

Shauna Aura is a mystic, shamanic, ecstatic spiritual seeker, Shauna is inspired by mythic imagination, awakening the vision of the impossible, and the song of sustainable community. She teaches throughout the Midwest, and her organization, Ringing Anvil, offers an intensive educational program in the transformative arts of community leadership, ritual, and spiritual growth. With 13 years experience as a leader in grass-roots organizations and as an artist, writer, designer, and marketing strategist, she has organized conferences, themed events, and created rituals, shrines, and art installations. She is a graduate of the Diana’s Grove leadership and ritual arts program and the Chicago C3 leadership program in environmental sustainability.

Ritual Arts: Creating More Magical Rituals through Authenticity
Facilitating compelling rituals is frustrating; many attendees complain of un-engaging rituals. But how do you get participants to participate? How do you bring the magic? Learn techniques focusing on inclusivity, authenticity, and deep presence to help attendees connect to the divine, deep, and sacred. To engage participants into feeling, facilitators must feel the magic first. Bring the elements, deities, and other facets to life by calling them forth from experience, imagination, and personal connection. Through authenticity, we bring potent, intimate and deeply impactful experience.

Ritual Arts: Skills For Facilitating Transformative Rituals
Would you like more magical, memorable rituals?
Remember the most lackluster rituals you've attended--or led. Learning to facilitate effective ritual can be a frustrating process of trial and error. Now imagine the most magical ritual you've been to--or wished for. But how do you make a ritual stronger?
Join us to learn skills for leading and supporting rituals for deep spiritual transformation. Through discussion and exercises, this workshop explores what works and why including: ritual structure and energetic flow, logistics, common pitfalls, and engaging participation. Experienced ritualists will learn to facilitate stronger rituals; new ritualists will learn foundations.

Ritual Arts: Dynamic Chanting for Ritual & Personal Practice
Chanting is an ancient form of spiritual meditative, group, and personal practice. Join us to learn chants and work with the interplay of voices, harmonies, rhythm, and movement. We’ll explore different types of chants—chants for processions, sound healing, personal spiritual practice, grieving, and for raising energy. We’ll also look at how drumming, rhythm, and vocal percussion can add to the power of group chants. All musical skill levels welcome. Experienced singers will be able to add layers and harmonies, but no music experience is necessary. If you don’t consider yourself to be a good singer but want to bring chanting into your spiritual practice or group, please join us to learn ways that anyone can join in with chanting. Together we will experience how the ecstatic energy of sound, rhythm, and movement can add depth to ritual or your own personal work. Will you bring your voice to the sacred singing bowl of community?

Ritual Arts: Raising the Sacred Fire
How do you raise energy in ritual? Building ecstatic energy creates memorable rituals and transformative spiritual experiences. But how do you engage participation? How do you keep a group of people chanting or working with energy together? How is energy for a healing ritual different from a cone of power?
This workshop offers tools to work with ecstatic energy through presentation, discussion, and hands-on practice. Explore: ritual structure and flow, energetic intention, strengthening presence and charisma, and engaging participation with chanting, movement, rhythm, and group connection.
Participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to practice ritual skills. Experienced ritualists will learn tools to facilitate more potent rituals and discussing what works and why. New ritualists will learn foundations of ritual work.

Ritual Arts: Ritual to put Skills into practice (x2)
Whether you joined us for the ritual arts classes or not, consider joining us to put ritual skills into practice. Those who have attended previous ritual arts classes can take ritual roles to practice skills, all are welcome to attend and join in the experience of movement, song, transformation, and spiritual connection.

Sacred Sound: Advanced Chanting Techniques for Rituals
Singing, chanting, and cantillation is a powerful way to energy-raise or engage a trance state for group ritual or personal spiritual work. Chanting is used for healing, invocations, trance possessions, and more. We’ll address techniques including ways to encourage a group to sing, strengthen your voice, and find your range. We’ll also explore finding chants that are musically engaging and simple enough for groups to learn, simple harmony lines for chants, adding in instruments, drumming, sound effects like throat singing, vocal percussion, didgeridoos, and more. All skill levels welcome.

Tameika & Fox

Fox and Tameika have been practicing together for 16 years. They are the founders and coordinators of Spirits of the Earth Festival, Founders of the “Mhorag” Coven founded in 1999, and a public face in the mystical community. Appearing in numerous media spots including newspapers, magazines, Radio shows, and Podcasts. Tameika & Fox strive to bring the local pagan community together to create unity, within peace and harmony. Tameika and Fox have made it a priority to include activity into their everyday lives. With years of experiences behind them involving both fitness, and nutrition, we are ready to help the community realize that it is easy to incorporate fun activity on a daily basis, to create a more balanced, happier YOU!

Cleansing & Blessing Ceremony: A Community Ritual
We come from different faiths & lifestyles, live in different places, and have different “faces” which we travel with; but for a time, we gather and make this place our meeting grounds, our living space – our encampment. Let us celebrate this fact – together. Bring your intentions, your voice and your community spirit & we WILL celebrate!

How to Create your Festival Experience
Is this your first time attending SOTEF? Feeling a bit nervous? Come get the low-down on what to expect as well at tips and tricks to make sure you have a fun, well rounded experience. We would also like to invite the Spirits veterans to attend and pass along the tricks of the trade you have picked up over the years.

Women’s Ritual (Sisters in Ritual)
Women father together for a variety of reasons. Support groups, ritual circles, discussion forums, gatherings that nurture creativity—all are ways in which women create community, banish isolation, and empower themselves. Womens’ circles provide safe and nurturing spaces for participants to own their feelings and experiences, to take creative risks, and to allow their deepest yearnings to take root and blossom. Join members of an established Women’s Circle as they work to make sense of our feminine psyche, so long denied...and honour it!

Stumble Through the Sumble (The Kindred)
The sumble is one of the most sacred of rituals in the Northern tradition. Yet, this is often viewed as a mere ‘piss up’. We’d like to explain the content, etiquette; and meaning of the sumble taking the group through it step by step. Usually ale or mead is used (and I would like to keep with this), but a non-alcoholic drink can be substituted or used in addition for non-drinkers. Donations are most welcome for refilling of the horn.

Ritual Body Art
The term "Mehandi" is the Indian word for Henna, and it is also the term used to describe the art of applying henna. Mehandi is used to create temporary tattoos mainly to the hands and feet of a woman. It is also used for dying hair and to color nails. Traditionally it was used for its medicinal qualities. Henna is made from an herb which is known by the same name. People have used henna in ritual skin painting for years. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is supposed to have used henna to color her hair. Today many popular Hollywood stars like Madonna and Demy Moore use it. Come on out, as we place ritualistic designs on different parts of the body whether it is the arm, the wrist or around the navel in celebration of our spirituality and oneness!

Tovah Chickee, RMT

Tovah is a Registered Massage Therapist. She finds the human body to be fascinating, and loves trying to figure out new ways to get the mind more in tune with the body. Fitness, diet, and stress management are necessary parts of any good health program. Attend her workshops and she will help you find a way to strengthen those muscles, while having fun! You won't even know you're working out! Stop by to chat with Tovah any time (unless she’s giving a massage)! I promise you will learn something!

Movement Meditation: Hula Hooping
Hula hopping is an old idea with a new twist! Hula hooping is a great core workout and it's really fun! Once you get the hang of it, you'll love it! It allows you to become more aware of your body. The better you get, the easier it is to let go of your thoughts and just become one with your hoop. We will start with the basics, and move into more intermediate moves, depending on the ability of the group. Please bring your own hoop!

Poi Spinning: Sacred Geometry
Poi is a traditional martial art from the Maori tribe of New Zealand. But in recent years it has been embraced by free form artists and evolved into a movement meditation. It focuses on the concept of circles, thus building on the idea of sacred geometry! All you need is a long pair of cotton socks, and 2 tennis balls! Come discover the world of poi!

Massage for Couples: Connecting through Touch
This workshop is designed for couples. We will explore how to provide a relaxing massage for your partner, connecting the intimacy of touch, and the deep connection of energy work. Please bring a yoga mat to lay on, and massage oil. Please wear clothing that can be removed, or that exposes your back. 18+.



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