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Bekka Twisted

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Goddess Energy

At Goddess Energy, we focus on a natural well-being of the Body, Mind and Spirit. We offer services to re-align your energy centers. We offer a variety of products for magickal and practical uses. This line was designed to encourage those of us who have a very stressful career, busy lifestyles or are in need of some personal time to rejuvenate the Body, Mind and Spirit. All products consist of 100% all natural bath & beauty products made with pure essential oils.

Gypsy Scents

Blends of essential oils for use in all parts of daily life, including creams, massage oils, incense and more! Weblink | Email

Summerland Massage Therapy Clinic

Hello from Summerland Massage Therapy Clinic! We value your health, and we want to help you get the most out of your body! We work with you to not only remove your aches and pains, but to prevent them from coming back! Imagine being healthy and pain free for good! We can help you achieve that goal! Drop by our booth and meet with one of our trained Registered Massage Therapists! Let us help you feel your best! Rates are $1/min. Sign your name on the sign up board to reserve your spot!

Bekka Twisted



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