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Autocratic Oath ~Mike West ~ IO ~ The Loner
FoxWood Rhythms ~ Enchanted Forest Feast & Bardic ~ Elemental Tributes


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Autocratic Oath

Autocratic Oath is a Canadian six piece symphonic/progressive metal band from the rockin’ city of London Ontario. The band was formed in 2012 by Graehme Floyd (lead guitar), Rob Wright (guitar), Scott Williams-Oakes (bass), and Karl Sloman (drums) straight out of the ashes of their former band Avidas.

In February of 2013, the band had its debut performance with the full and current line-up which now included Tyse Burrows (keyboard) and Kristin Vardon (vocals). Autocratic Oath was an instant hit enjoying local radio play on CHRW 94.9, and rose to #4 on charts for London Metal bands and began to acquire a loyal and growing following.

With their intricate yet heavy beats and music intertwined with the soulful and also relevant and poignant lyrics and rich vocals of the singer make this band a treat for your ears and your whole being.

You can find out more about Autocratic Oath a few different ways:
on TWITTER, at the WEBSITE or at any of the following places simply by searching for Autocratic Oath; Facebook, SoundCloud, BandCamp, and Reverbnation.

Autocratic Oathwill be performing at the Spirits of the Earth Festiva on Saturday night. Check out their music HERE.

Mike West

Mike has been a professional musician since the age of 16. He is continuously writing and recording a diversity of songs. He plays nightly in cover bands to support his hunger for inspiration, motivation and creativity. Mike has also played across Canada backing up many of Canada's most famous bands for over 20 years. Mike’s music is true to his soul and he sings it with a passion and talent that are rarely seen. You can find his songs full of meaning, reaching deep into the emotional realm, as his songs encompass life, death, love, lust, joy, pain, abuse, equality, and forgiveness.

Inspired by the Celtic bards of old, Mike has developed a unique ability to channel his voice into an emotionally energetic performance that will gently soothe and bestow upon you an incredible healing experience that you will never forget. You’ll find the goose bumps run down your arms once he lets his magic flow.

Mike will be performing at the Spirits of the Earth Festiva on Friday night,and will also be hosting an Open Mic with Mike so bring your instruments and voices, and let's make music together!


IO (pronounced Ee-Oh) is primarily a drum based ensemble. But we also explore many esoteric themes, native and traditional musick in haunting, four-part harmonies, with guitar, woodwind, cello, and a number of different instruments. At times, you will be swept away or lulled by the haunting melody, and other times compelled to jump up and move your body to the rhythm.

Our repertoire includes traditional Native songs, pagan anthems, ancient Sanskrit mantras, traditional southern mountain music, our own original material, and many more, both high energy and emotionally moving. IO is the cosmic orbit of musicians David Wolfsong Hutchinson, Debbi Earthsong Hutchinson, Evelore Willowsong, Hunter Crom, and Rikki Bardsong LaCoste.

What is IO....... the stick and the drum head; the phallus and the yoni; Isis and Osiris; the one and the zero; the straight path of innovation and the circular path of tradition; the digital and the analogue; on and off; a moon of Jupiter; a priestess of Hera in Argos; a nymph who was seduced by Zeus.

IO will be performing at the Spirits of the Earth Festiva on Thursrday night.

The Loner

Ken (The Loner) Crawford has been playing in bands and as a solo artist for over 20 years. He plays a variety of musical genres but feels at home mostly with acoustic folk and material from the 70's. His “claim to fame” is playing as a Neil Young tribute but is now focusing more on original material. These originals in draft form can be heard on reverb nation, and will be available on CD sometime this summer.

Come out and enjoy the amazing talents from someone in that is in the heart of our community.

Ken (The Loner) Crawford will be performing at the Spirits of the Earth Festival on Wednesday night.

FoxWood Rhythms

Let's first admit that we all like to sing. We often sing in the car, while having a shower and so on, but the sensation that you are singing in a public place, knowing that everybody is watching you is quite different. Singing takes your troubles away and is relaxing, that's why so many people get addicted to it.

Tameika and Fox will be spinning some fun on the opening night of the festival. Karaoke is always full of fun and great music! There are a lot of great undiscovered singers out there. A little courage and some back up music, and you’re off!

If you really don't like to sing, well you can always get up on the dance floor and shake it. Being a singer myself, it is always great when people are dancing in front of you. Come join us and release all of your stresses from the mundane world, in preparation of an amazing spiritual experience that the week ahead has in store for you!

Karaoke Dance Party hosted by Fox and Tameika will be on Tuesday night.


Enchanted Forest Feast & Bardic Competition

This year we have decided that we will be hosting an Enchanted Forest Feast which will be a potluck event featuring a rottisserie. This is magickal hospitality at its best and is INCLUDED in your registration! Our entertainment for the feast will be our annual Bardic Competition. So start writing, singing, dancing, or preparing your choice of entertainment for the evening! We encourage everyone to help create the atmosphere and participate in the fun by dressing in costume. We are also looking for some volunteers, to help setup/cleanup,and serve great food, and fantastic beverages to our rowdy horde.

Song, Poetry, Dance, Drama, Storytelling etc. Come and show off your talents.

The Enchanted Forest Feast & Bardic Competition will be on Friday night.

Elemental Tributes

In 2007 we introduced our concept of bringing ritual to the revel. This was greeted with enthusiasm, and liberation as everyone encircled the fire awe-inspired. We feel that instead of the festival hosting a ritual or two, that we would transform the entire festival into a ritual all it’s own. We strongly encourage everyone to invoke the element of the night. Wear the colors, dance the movement, or don yourself with accessories. We have devoted each day of the festival to a specific element, and place our workshop themes accordingly. All guests are encouraged to dress in the color/theme of the day.

Just to clarify... the Revel Tributes are NOT a scheduled “performance”. The nightly tributes are geared towards our late night revelers and will take place considerably late. The idea is that YOU invoke the “element of the night” in YOUR own way, and we ALL as a group give honor to that element with our own personal connection/flare. IF the energy is raised high enough, and you CALL the ELEMENTALS to join you...they may just make an appearance in the Circle.

We will be invoking the elements on the following nights:

Wednesday – Water (Windsor Community)
Thursday – Earth (Feeling Inspired? VOLUNTEER TODAY!)
Friday – Air (London Community)
Saturday – Fire (SOTEF Staff)


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