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Tameika / Fox
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I am co-founder of the Spirits of the Earth Festival. I correspond, organize events and design all advertising as well as the website, among many, many other things. I believe the reason that I put so much energy into Spirits of the Earth is to see people coming together. To, offer an environment where people can learn and grow not only as people but as spirits, learning the ways of olde, and creating bonds with family, making new friends and strengthening old relationships. A chance to educate folks on the earth and to bring awareness of the healing that needs to take place. One thing that really opened my eyes and pushed me to make this dream become a reality is a poem that I read some time ago called "The Paradox". Download!

I would like to thank all who come out and support the festival for helping to make my dream come true, and help others to find their dreams, new friends and the peace that they having been searching for. None of this would be possible without all of you folks. There are no financial rewards for what we work so hard for. That is not what drives us! It's seeing the smiles, the inquisitive looks, folks meditating by the grounding pole and the innocent laughter of the children. In a world that moves so fast that you are turned upside down and lost in an instant, you all bring so much peace and happiness for us, and I can't thank you enough. :O)

Officially I have been practicing & studying paganism since1991. I have been studying metaphysics, meditation and hands on healing since the age of 5. I always try to be completely honest (not always a good thing I'm told), and I believe my calling is to always try my best to help others (though it tends to drive people off my path and onto their own, I frequently wonder where they have gone, and what progress they have made).

I am Married to the most wonderful, gentle, passionate and loving man Fox! Our souls were destined to join together, wandering lost without the other. I can hardly believe the comfort, and oneness that I experience every moment that I am held in his arms, that I am constantly consumed within. Neptune & Smudge are my crazy little furballswho can't wait for me to sit down before crawling up into my lap, looking for some mommy cuddle time. I feel blessed to have shared time in this life with Riptyde and Miquela my Sheppard/Wolf puppies,and Symba our kitty who was king of his domain while with us... all of who continue to watch over us from the summerlands.

Currently on the path to become an alchemical healer. I have achieved my master teachers degree in the Japanese healing art of Usui/Tibetan Reiki with two different masters for a wider perspective and for a deeper learning. I have also obtained my first degree in the Melody Love is in the Earth Crystal Healing. Other forms of healing that I work with are colors, crystals, tuning forks, energy fields, herbs, oils. I offer Hot Rock Therapy, Ear Candling and Relaxational Massage. Most recently I have been honored to be accompanied by many spirit guides, and my Great God and Goddess, who have helped me to find my destined path, and to realize my inner powers, and have encouraged me to stay strong through many difficult times. Thank you for being there, guiding me, and teaching me your ways!

I am the sole proprietor of Goddess Energy, specializing in healing ointments, sprays, lotions, and herbal hot/cold packs. Goddess Energy carries my "Time for Me" line consisting of 100% natural herbal bath products which promotes relaxation as a preventative measure and to aid in the healing processes. Also offering many products for magickal workings, such as smudges, herbal incense, anointed candles, ritual baths, herbal sachets, and much more.

I hope to meet many of you great folks at the festival, our open rituals, drumming circles or even walking down the street. Blessed Be!


Well here it is my little piece of eternity. Wow, what can I say? Where do I start?

First and foremost allow me to take a second and talk about the most important thing in my life, my family. I am married to the most wonderful, beautiful woman and purest soul that the gods could bless this earth with. Tameika is my world, she gives me strength and honors me in everything that she does. Together we resonate at the highest vibrational level, and we have become one entity. She is the air that feeds my flame. I am so glad to be reunited with my "Torn-Apart". Nothing can come between us we are a pretty unique team, able to lean on each other, and draw off each others talents.

On to my four babies, Symba, Riptyde, Neptune, and last but definitely not forgettable the youngest of our family Smudge. Symba is my eldest feline, he is the long-haired Master of his domain... and he makes sure that we don't forget it. Riptyde and Miquela are my big sucks, they are both Shepherd/Wolf cross. These baby girls love to play, run and definitely know how to get my attention. We lost Miquela January of 2009, but we know she is still here with Riptyde. Neptune... well let's say he is a big attention getter... "Go ahead sit down" he says... you'll get a pounce and poof there he is in your lap, purring away... LOL what a lover. And now on to our little trouble maker, Smudge (or Gremlin) depending on the Moon. But then again who can stay mad at that cute little mug. :D

I have been a Practicing Pagan for about 16 years now. I'll get it right sometime ;-). Along with Tameika, we have founded the "Mhorag Circle". I am a practitioner of Green Witchcraft. I live as if the Burning times had never happened, although I feel that we can learn from the past, I don’t let it limit my future. I am proud to be pagan, and am actively working towards religious tolerance, so that maybe one day our children won't have to worry or be ashamed of who they are, and can be open about our worship. I have been working with other fellow Festival organizers to create a network of communities. Working to break down the proverbial wall that is built between a lot of pagan/secular traditions through education and tolerance. Unity in Diversity!!

I live for the revel fire and the drumming jams... I love to sit back and merge energies with my drums Phoenix, Kantar, Rynn, or Mini-Me. We have raised some amazing energy together and put out some wicked beats. Currently I am have been learning more diverse sounds and styles of drumming. I am also interested in studying the effects of sounds within the human body, the psyche and how these energies interact or influence our vibrational levels. Another interesting instrument that I am able to play is the Australian Didgeridoo. I like to sing, Karaoke at home or in the club. Periodically I like to dance. I tend to think that I pretty good at both... but then again on lookers would have other thoughts about that.


Well…. Where do I begin? First of all I’d like to point out that Tameika is my sister and Fox is my brother-in-law. Although the in-law part always feels so detached. Over the last few years I have gone through a lot of up’s and down’s and have always found it hard to place myself in a setting where I feel comfortable. Once a year (since 2003) my feelings have changed, at least for a week, during the time I take for myself. Yes, you’ve got it, it’s at the Spirits of the Earth Festival. Spiritsfest has kind of been my sanity from the outside trials and tribulations.

At Spiritsfest I am Tameika’s right hand woman. What ever needs to be looked at or taken care of I’m there for her. I am also there if anyone has any questions or concerns, and I’m there to listen. I can usually be found in the registration office. I like to take walks around the grounds to familiarize myself with the faces I have seen previously, and all the new faces I see for the first time. I feel by taking this time to volunteer that I am becoming one with nature and bringing balance within myself. Tameika, Fox and I want everyone to have an enjoyable and memorable time at SOTEF. Which usually isn’t hard to do, because the people involved in fest whether it’s staff, friends or visitors always manages to wrap this blanket of positive energy around the grounds. Without you there, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to embrace this energy that is created by all of the people who attend. Don’t miss this chance to draw this amazing experience deep within your soul.

I am still learning about the different aspects of paganism. I have a strong interest in learning about the different stones, oils, incenses and my new discovered talent of making wind chimes. I have always loved the relaxing and soothing sounds. As the chimes make music solely from the sounds of the winds, I feel as if their telling a story. Tameika was actually the one who persisted that I share my new found talent with the people of fest. I’m grateful that others can enjoy them as much as I.

This festival is truly an amazing experience and I encourage you to come down and check it out whether it’s for the week, weekend of just for the day. I know you won’t regret it! Spirits of the Earth Festival is a place where you can learn new things, and make new friends. I look forward to seeing you all there.


I have been a practicing pagan for 11 years. I am a proud mom of a beautiful and smart daughter that I am raising in a pagan home. I am also a practicing aromatherapist and am in the process of trying to build a business from it.

Iimi started working for Spirits of the Earth a couple of years ago offering children's workshops partly because of my desire to help Donna and partly because of my daughter's influence in connecting with kids. I have since become hooked on Spirits and look forward to it all year long! Last year I shifted over to groundskeeping, and enjoy the freedom of wandering around the park, and interacting with other fest goers.

I am a free spirit, a gypsy, and completely outdoorsy! I love physical activity and hard work (weird huh?) its like my meditation... and SOTEF has fulfilled a wonderful part of that for me. I look forward every year for the fun and excitement my daughter and I will have in the years to come.




I have always known who I was but I have been on a search for answers and the right questions throughout my journey. I love learning and experiencing all life has to offer.

I am a Woman, Wife and Mother and wear all titles (and bruises) proudly and loudly. I have been a student of the metaphysical and hands on healing for over 25 years. I have practiced and taught meditation. I have been a student of Reiki for over 15 years and have completed my Master/Teacher degree the healing art of USUI/Tibetan Reiki under three masters. I have completed 1st degree in Melody Love’s “Earth Crystal Healing” and completed my training in “Blue Light Sound healing with tuning forks”.

I have used my intuitions to teach, guide and encourage all those around me to be the best that they can be, follow their true pathways and to be true to themselves.

I am a lover of all creatures and currently bow down to and obey our two fur babies “9 yr. old Destiny” and “3 yr. old Bo”; both who managed to find me.

I have been married for a wonderful and spectacular 32 years to one of the most wonderful men that has graced this earth. Without my life partner Don, I would not be all that I am. He has supported and encouraged me in all my life’s desires. He is a wonderful husband and father to our two extraordinary daughters Mandy (Tameika) and Diana and our son by marriage Ronn (Fox).

We support our children in their chosen paths. We have taught them to listen to their inner wisdom, follow their intuitions, their inner strengths and to always have the courage to follow their dreams.

I have been assisting with the festival since its “birth” and look forward to seeing you all at registration.

My wish is for all to be in tune with the universe and to feel at peace within.


Rogers is still trying to get through the stiffness in his joints to write a bio for us...hopefully we will get one in this lifetime...or should I say this afterlife time?


Alex snow, is an eclectic pagan, one of the founding members of Toronto's Firedance Drum Circle, devout supporter and handyman, facilitator of awesomeness for many Ontario pagan festivals, and is a proud member of Pagans For A Stronger Community, a for profit organization he thought up before writing this last sentence. Blessed Be


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