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Reminder for those with allergies!

Remember your Epipens, Ventolin or whatever other medications required.
Know the best route to the nearest hospital or medical facility able to deal with anaphylactic reactions or other medical needs.
Alert the security team if a problem is likely.

Shelter / Sleeping


Air Mattress / Ground Pad / Cot




Air Pump (for air mattress)




Axe / Hammer / Handsaw (cutting small branches)


Sleeping Bags / Blankets


Backpacks for hikes/lunch


Small Broom / Dust Pan


Blankets, Pillows


Table (folding)


Chairs (folding)


Tarps (extras are always a good idea)




Tent / Poles / Stakes


Fist Aid Kit (large one for site, and small on for hiking)


Tent Repair Kit / Seam Sealer


Flashlights and Batteries


Trash Bags




Water Bottles / Canteens






Pocket Knife


Work Gloves

Cooking / Eating


Baby Food (if applicable)


Lighter Fluid


BBQ Untensils


Marshmallows (always great around the fire)


Big Bowl for Washing Dishes


Matches (strike anywhere)


Block Ice, or Dry Ice


Plastic Bins (to store food)




Pot Holder / Oven Mits


Coffee / Tea / Hot Chocolate


Pots / Pans / Dutch Oven


Cooler / Ice Chest


Propane or other fuel for Stove, Lanterns, Heaters


Cups / Plates / Bowls


Spatula / Serving Spoons / Can Opener


Dish Soap / Scrubbers


Stove / BBQ


Forks / Spoons / Butter Knives / Sharp Knives


Table Cloth


Groceries (enough for the duration , and extras)


Water Container (min. 5 gallons)




Water Pills / Filters



Bathing Suit


Shoes for hiking / Sandles for around camp (extras)


Button-up / Long Sleeve Shirts




Large Bag for Dirty Clothes


Socks / Underware (extras always come in handy)


Pants (long) / Shorts




Rain Jacket / Pants / Poncho


Sun Hat / Wool Hat / Gloves


Ritual Robes / Tools


T-Shirts / Sweaters / Sweatshirts / Jacket

Hygiene / Cleaning (Biodegradable Only)


Any Medications


Lip Balm / Lotion / Sunscreen


Baby Supplies (if applicable)




Bath Towels and Wash Clothes






Soap (Dish, Hands, Clothes) / Hand Sanitizer


Dish Towels / Brillo Pads / Scrub Brush


Toilet Paper, Feminine Needs


Insect Repellant, Candles, or Spray


Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss, Brush, Comb



Batteries (extra)


Kleenex / Toilet Paper




Musical Instruments


Bug Repellant


Note Book


Camera / Film


Paper / Pencil / Pen


Festive Garb/Costumes


Sewing Kit


Duct Tape (great for everything)




First Aid Kit


Tiki Torch / Citronella Oil / Coils


Games / Cards / Board Games


Ziploc Bags (great for everything)

If we have missed something on this list, or you think something should be added or removed,

Please email us and let us know!


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